Hey ya’ll! This week flew by!

In my last attempt to bust the first week of January slump, today I’m linking up with April and Co. to share 5 things that I’m looking forward to:

Upcoming travels! 

In just a few days I’ll be home in Virginia to see my family. I honestly can’t wait. The weather should be a bit warmer there than here in Maine (like by 50 degrees) so I can’t even begin to imagine what to pack but I’m happy to be packing!

In just one month we’ll be in Cabo San Lucas!
The recent episode of Vanderpump Rules left me both thrilled and terrified to head South of the Border!

A warm snap this weekend!

Temps are supposed to soar into the low 40’s this weekend and I.cannot.wait.
While the sun won’t be shining, seeing temps above 0 is certainly something to celebrate.

And then I read an article about the Farmer’s Almanac’s predictions for the rest of the year: massive snow storms in early March, late March and mid April.

Laying around this weekend in a non-Christmas house!

That’s right, I’m almost completely done taking down all of the Christmas decorations. As soon as Justin handles the tree we’ll be good to go….until I bust out the Valentines decor.


Re-vamping our entry way!

current look = over it.

I’ve decided that our entry way needs a new look. I’m hoping to repurpose some of our existing pieces to the entry way to create a different vibe. I know for sure that I need the lamps/great lighting and to incorporate mirrors to keep the space as light as possible, but other than that, I’m starting with fresh ideas. After we have the insurance adjuster inspect our water damage, I’ll be ready to redecorate…stay tuned!

Homemade Guacamole

I gave Justin a new knife for our block as one of his Christmas gifts and he is loving it. Recently, he’s been all about the homemade guac, sans food processor! He chops every single ingredient by hand and it is fabulous! I clearly enjoy the fruits of his labor….too much, but whatever!

Happy Weekend, Loves!

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