Morning ya’ll…another Monday, eh?
At least the sun is shining here…and hopefully where ya’ll are.

We had such a fun weekend this weekend. Sadly (for us), one of our little pack has taken a great opportunity within Justin’s company and is moving far away from us.
To celebrate Kevin’s big moves in life, a surprise party was thrown is his honor.

Jaime, Kevin and Katie

Ya’ll, I have genuinely never seen someone be so shocked at his own surprise party. Typically, someone has hinted or spilled the beans so that the surprise-ee knows what’s up, but Kevin was literally so shocked and his reaction was priceless. I wish we had it on camera!

My little family, whom I adore immensely.

Justin, Mark and I certainly cemented our place in the Party Guest Hall of Fame by bringing Kevin’s favorite Maine pizza and 10 McDonald’s cheeseburgers as our contribution to the party. I was texting back and forth with the hostesses during the day and I knew they were worried about having enough food so at the last minute we hit the McDonald’s drive through just the ensure that the snacks were stocked.

We got the funniest message from them the next morning thanking us for their drunk meal and a picture of the leftovers the demolished at 2am.

don’t mind my spelling errors.

On Saturday we were trapped indoors thanks to the rain and sleet that was pouring down on the entire state of Maine but we made the best of it by cleaning up all of the random Christmas decor leftovers, watching Mark sleep off his surprise party hangover and spending time together watching crappy TV. A perfect rainy Saturday.

Sunday, we traveled out to our favorite truck stop, Dysart’s, to have a greasy breakfast and take in the Mainiac people watching and then came home to work on a little surprise that I will hopefully get to share with ya’ll this week!

While I was tossing confetti all over our house, Justin was working another fun surprise of his own…we’ve booked our flights and are now in the major research phase for our one year anniversary trip! I’m so, so excited, this one is a trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to tell ya’ll about it.

Time to drag my butt to Barre class and then stock up the freezer with TV Dinners because tomorrow I hit the skies and head South! I’m spending the next week in Virginia with my family soaking up the warmer weather, Southern accents and Chick Fil A.

cue the singing angels…

Have a great day!

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