How far along: 17 weeks and change

Size of Babe: a turnip
about 5 inches and 5 ounces


our sweet son Gray is cooking away in my bump!

Symptoms: I think I may finally be hitting the second trimester happy zone. I’m still super tired but otherwise, my allergies are still sensitive and I still have a stuffy nose at night, but honestly, compared to the first trimester, I’m a happy girl

Loving: chocolate, knowing that we are expecting a baby boy, getting the ball rolling on the nursery plans, that my family is officially renting a cabin in Maine for 6 weeks this summer to see Gray and the Olympics (except all of those damn P & G commercials…cue the hormonal tears)

Loathing: how rogue my house looks and how little energy I have to clean it. Last night I started the negotiations with my Husband for a cleaning lady and we’ll see where that ends up.

Husband: is back at work, so that sucks, but he’s been so sweet and helpful recently…he handled all of my travel stuff for me when we got the news about my Mimi and he has been wrestling with my car battery and suitcases pretty much since I walked in the door.

Wedding Rings: uh, this is what my sausage fingers looked like after flying back to Virginia from Mexico:

so, for now, I’m rocking a hand me down ring from my Aunt Carolyn and a borrowed diamond band I literally stole off of her finger after I told her how sad I was to not be wearing my wedding set.
Belly Button: maybe a teensy bit more shallow
Movement: not yet…at least I think not yet. Every time I feel a little twinge or a weird feeling, I wonder if that’s really him playing around in there…
Maternity Clothes: yes and no…I wore full panel jeans on all of my flights to cut down on the swelling of my feet and ankles. the dress I wore in the gender revel pics and the red dress above are both regular cuts (both purchased on clearance! yay!). I am obsessed with maternity leggings and can’t imagine trying to squeeze into regular ones. my parents took me maternity shopping while I was home and both picked out some cute stuff for me and the bump…the black jeggings I snagged will be in constant rotation once I rescue them from my suitcase.
Best Part of the Week: seeing baby boy at our gender ultrasound! he still had his little fists up by his face…it’s crazy to me that he already has little habits! I was in Virginia for the appointment but was able to FaceTime Justin so we found out together that we are having a boy. I know this is silly, but Justin said something teasingly like the baby looked like the Joker from Batman and I swear, we have it on video, the baby instantly brought his hand up to his forehead like “geez dad, cut a kid a break!”
Worst Part of the Week: well, going to a funeral while pregnant and hormonal can’t possibly be on the prescribed list of activities but I held my own for Gray. 
Missing Most: ummm… my regular boobs.
Can’t Wait: to hold my baby boy! he is so wanted and so loved already, I just can’t wait to tell him that in person.

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