Sometimes bloggers are accused of only presenting the rosy side of things…I think I do a pretty good job of being honest, snarky and real. Honestly, I have no desire to be anything but real.

So here it is

I’m home

it took me 14 hours to get here
when i got here my house was destroyed
the living room rug was somehow pushed into the dining room
there are dried snowy dog prints all over the house
there are dead flowers in a vase on the kitchen table
there are rotten bananas on the counter
there is nothing in our fridge but booze left over from New Year’s Eve
we are supposed to get 15 more inches of snow tomorrow
my luggage is still trapped at the airport
my car won’t start because it’s been sitting unused in subzero temps for 14 days
i missed a baby doctor’s appointment today because i couldn’t get there

But, I’m home.

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