How Far Along: 22 weeks

Size of Babe: a spaghetti squash
should be one whole pound!

Gender: blue

Symptoms: well, for the last few days I’ve been rocking one hell of a cold. Prior to that, I was really struggling with smells. Especially people smells. Breath, feet, lingering pot smoke (it’s legal here), arm pits…I can smell it from a mile off. The other day I was in the bookstore and there was a woman who had clearly not showered for a few days. I swear to God, I could smell where she had been in the store….like her path through the aisles. I had to leave. Also having a foot cramp or two, round ligament pain, heartburn and those crazy dreams.

Loving: orange flavored things (but not real oranges), brownies, green tea, tissues with lotion in them, sunshine, that we are headed to South Carolina this weekend and the highs are in the ’70’s

Loathing: having a cold while pregnant! no meds!? can someone get on creating a cold medicine that is preggo approved??

Husband: gave me this cold, so enough said.

Wedding Rings: so off

Belly Button: looking smaller

Movement: at night mostly, or if I roll onto my stomach area-ish…he does not like that

Maternity Clothes: same old same. discovered last weekend that I can still wear my non-maternity jeggings. the dress above is regular Lilly and complete inappropriate for our current Maine weather.

Best Part of the Week: well, last night I slept reasonably well, so I’ll take that for the win

Worst Part of the Week: my cold.

Missing Most: Nyquil and my wedding rings

Can’t Wait For: warm weather this weekend! and Chick Fil A, biscuits, sweet tea, time with my Husband, racking up more USAir miles and seeing our friends.

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