(clearly written by a Mainer)

Well, we welcomed Spring with a layer of fresh powder covered with a sweet topping of sleet. Justin just texted me and basically told me not to leave the house because, as it’s still sleeting, our driveway and the roads are super slick and dangerous for my off balance beach ball looking self. Don’t have to tell me twice. I already know having a cold with no meds is completely miz. Can you imagine falling and breaking an arm while pregnant? Um, no thanks.

Luckily, thats the last you have to read of this particular rant because today I’m guest posting over at Cait’s blog, Home Sweet Ruby! Head over there and check me out!
Once you’re over there, def spend some time poking around – Cait and her husband are currently galavanting around Europe so she won’t mind if ya’ll are nosy and catch up on old posts while she’s away!

Happy Spring!

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