Hey ya’ll! Happy Friday! 
We made it to the weekend…thank goodness.
We’re headed South today so I thought I’d whip up a quick Five on Friday for ya’ll before we hit the skies.
1. Happy Birthday to this guy! 
My baby brother celebrates his birthday like an adult today – working! I am so proud of this kid, he’s about to accomplish one of his biggest dreams and I can’t wait to be there to celebrate with him when he does. He’s the best Buddy in the whole world and I hope he has the best birthday ever! 
2. Ok Divergent lovers, you convinced me! At this very moment a brand new download of Divergent is waiting for me on my iPad. I’m a huge travel reader, so this weekend will be the start of the adventure. Thanks to everyone who recommended Divergent and other books that I have added to my Must Read Before The Baby Comes and Takes Over My Life list.
3. So, last night, I felt the baby do a complete summersault! It was the craziest feeling and I immediately looked down at my belly…and then I SAW him do it again! I haven’t felt too much in the way of movement and what I have felt seemed to be small kicks and teeny bumps. That summersault was a complete surprise! And then to see it from the outside for the first time? Totally bonkers.
3.1. Before I head to the airport today I have to go in search of shoes to wear to the wedding this weekend! Some of my heels still fit but only if they’re sling backs and open toed…otherwise, my foot huuuuurts in there! Considering I swell when I’m pregnant and fly, I’m thinking even the ones that currently fit will be a treat to squeeze on to my sausage feet on Saturday night. 
4. I promised to review this Old Navy dress when it came in…
I ordered the dress in both black and the army green pictured above in medium during a massive sale…and I love them! I have to say that material and cut is a little different than I thought it would be – I thought the dress would basically be like a t-shirt dress. Instead, it’s a bit more slinky…and sexy! The material is very, very soft – a cotton with maybe a bit of lycra…and it will hug every single curve. If you aren’t into showing off your bump then this is not your dress. I actually feel pretty great in it and can’t wait to wear both colors! 
Here’s a shameless bathroom selfie to show you what it looks like. 
Caution: curves ahead! 
P.S. when I looked up the link for ya’ll, I saw that they’ve released two new colors of this dress…hot pink and dark grey…yep, I’ll probably order those too! 
5. And finally, because this makes every single Five for Friday when we’re traveling…
Happy Weekend! 

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