Oh baby, was this weekend crazy! 
We flew to South Carolina to celebrate the wedding of dear friends and I couldn’t have been happier to head South. I think Justin and I are still a teensy bit in denial about how far away we really do live from our friends and family. What makes me say that? Well, we tend to plan the shortest.trips.of.all.time. despite the fact that we need to block a solid 10 hours for travel time. We landed in Greenville Friday night at midnight and were supposed to hop a flight home at 7:30am Sunday morning. Ugh. 
Anyways, the one thing I asked Justin is that he please not make any plans for us on Saturday. I know we had so many people to see and hugs to give and babies to kiss but honestly, all I wanted was to spend the few free hours we had Saturday outside in downtown Greenville. 
All I wanted was sun, warmth, a precious downtown, real shops, delicious restaurants and people.
We started the day at Tupelo Honey… 
Happiness is a fresh biscuit with blueberry jam and honey
(all photos are from the iPhone, sorry for the quality)
I had fried chicken and biscuits, sans the gravy, add the honey
Ya’ll….things we actually blooming!
I was thrilled just to see the ground, but actual flowers?!
We spent some time wandering into shops and cruising up and down Main Street
And no trip to Greenville would be complete without a trip to Falls Park…
This is the first time I’ve worn a dress (except in Mexico) since October…
and ya’ll…my upper thighs rub together now….like the worst fat person feeling ever. 
Thanks fetus.
Ok, so this photo below actually made me kinda sad. I wanted to stay on the bridge forever watching the families with little babies, toddlers and wild hooligans lay in the sun, play with the ducks and run wild. I honestly felt like a bad soon to be mom. These babies can lay in the sun in a park…we won’t be able to give that to Gray for months yet. Fresh air, new things to see, sunshine…all of it seems so simple until you really can’t have it 6 months out of the year. 
After 4 hours walking the downtown area, we headed to Clemson for Ashley and Weston’s wedding.
I wore the black Old Navy Dress I mentioned in last Friday’s post…and drank a billion Shirley Temples.
Sorry this post is so late in the day Molly!
This is what happens when you get married during March Madness
And when two Clemson Alums get married….
I managed to wear heels (a half size larger than unusual) the entire evening, even on the dance floor….and oh goodness am I still paying for it. Holy crap my feet feel like I ran a marathon.
Super blurry dance floor pic of the Bride and Groom
More March Madness…
So, we knew we had a very early wake up call Sunday morning…5am to be exact…in order to get back to Greenville for our 7:30am flight. We managed to slip out of the reception a few minutes early and tossed our stuff into our bags to make the morning easier. But honestly, when the alarms went off Sunday morning, we just couldn’t hack it. We turned them off and went back to bed. A costly decision, but a quality of life decision non the less.
So, what does one do when they missed their flight and schedule a new one for 12 hours later?
Head to a Clemson Basketball game of course!
It was a sell out crowd of 10,000 and Baby’s first basketball game…he was wiggling around so much! 
(excuse the no make up…we were supposed to be home in Maine by then and I had not planned accordingly)
The game was super close and the Tigers won by a point…Justin was a happy camper!
After the game we made our way to Charlotte, hopped a flight to Detroit and then on to Maine.
We landed in 10 degree weather and the news that we are getting another snow storm on Wednesday.
But, hey, our bags made it, we made it, our friends are happily married,  and we got to take the bump to his first basketball game….all in all, I’d say that’s a win across the board!
And now I need to lay in bed/soak my feet/grease my thighs/pump the biscuits out of my veins.
See ya’ll tomorrow!