How Far Along: 23 weeks

Size Of The Babe: a large mango

Gender: all things boy

Symptoms: my skin is super sensitive on my face and hands, smells are still super strong (I located a Cinnabon from across an airport terminal…), still rocking the crazy dreams, getting up to stumble to the bathroom at least twice a night, still hanging on to the tail end of this cold, loss of rhythm (see below), clumsiness, feeling pretty large and awkward

Loving: the new sweet tea lemonade refresher from starbucks (I’ve only seen it on the menu in greenville, sc but your local one can whip one up with iced black tea sweetened mixed with lemonade), sleeping with a pillow between my knees, all things baby boy from Baby Gap, talenti gellato with hot fudge and whipped cream

Loathing: how awkward I feel! so get this, Justin and I are big fans of a southern style dance called the shag. we shagged to our first dance and we love to wedding dance. shagging involves a simple step combo and lots of twists and turns. I have been shagging with my husband for years…I know all of his moves….but for the life of me, I could not keep up with him on the dance floor this weekend! I was the worst! I couldn’t keep the count, the twists hurt my sides and I was super slow in my heels. it was such a bummer! I love to dance with my husband…in fact, it’s one of the things I love most about him – that he’ll get out there and dance with me no matter what – and now I’m too slow and big to keep up!

Husband: loved his time in greenville and clemson. he picked out the cutest infant hat with a tiger paw on it for the baby’s first football game (he’ll be maybe a month old and we’ll be in maine, but we definitely dress up and go all out in the game day celebration department) and I think he loved that the baby was bouncing around in my belly during the basketball game (he has his fingers crossed for a college athlete)

Weddings Rings: so long gone, and so are the loaners thanks to the awesome rash I get under them…sweet.

Belly Button: still an innie
Movement: more and more…mostly at night and after sugary treats. our friend jaime was the first one to feel the baby move just last night…she is super patient and waits until she feels the teeniest bump and then squeals like crazy. 
Maternity Clothes: same old same…mix and match maternity with the regular clothes in my closet
Best Part of the Week: the baby did a complete summersault in my belly! it felt so, so weird…so much so that I immediately looked at my belly and then I saw him do it again…that’s the first time I’ve seen my belly move and it was bonkers! 
Worst Part of the Week: well, our flight to south carolina was really rough for me because my sinuses felt like they were going to implode. it was genuinely the worst pain ever – I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head and my teeth were going to fall out. I have never wanted sudafed or to be sedated more in my life.
Missing Most: spring, living in the south, wearing heels without being in pain for days afterwards, having thighs that don’t rub themselves raw because they are too close together 
Can’t Wait: for my lady date this weekend, to see Divergent with my husband on a date night, to get the nursery going, to see our babe at his next ultrasound and for this cold to finally hit the road.

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