Hey ya’ll! Happy Friday!
This will be a super quick post because the last few days have just left me plain worn out! 
Plus, my parents are taking me to the beach for the next few days so that I can soak up the sun and 80 degree weather! I’m a lucky girl.
1. Thanks for all of your sweet words yesterday! Of course that post was about family and it was so sweet of ya’ll to send your love and congratulations to my brother and his brand new fiance! We couldn’t be more tickled…and of course have already started thinking about engagement parties and rehearsal dinner themes!
2. My baby shower is on Sunday and lots of little boy things are already starting to show up from friends and family who won’t be able to attend. I am in love with all things teeny these days…I mean, who can blame me? Gray sure is lucky to have so many people who love him already, especially our shower hostesses, his best friend to be Baby C and everyone who is traveling to be with us on Sunday
3. My mom has a convertable and has been sweet enough to let me borrow it to bomb around town while I’ve been home. The first day I drove it she said, “oh, I’m sorry it’s too cold to put the top down!”…..I honestly laughed in her face. It was 65 and sunny. Too cold? Uh, I don’t think so. Down went the top and up went my serotonin levels! I was the happiest ever! 
4. It’s super weird to sleep in my own childhood bedroom while pregnant with my own baby! I always sleep there when I come home, it’s just not even something I think about, but now my mom keeps talking about where in my rooms she’s going to put the baby’s crib…I think my days are limited in that room….grandchild numero uno is taking over. 
5. Have a fab weekend, ya’ll! 
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(because this is my dad’s favorite post of the week and he made me get out of bed and do it!)
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