Hey ya’ll! Happy Monday!
I’m slow moving from all of the festivites over the last few days, so I thought today might be the perfect day to share some of our Maternity Photos with you.

I wasn’t actually sure that I even wanted maternity photos but when Jenn of Darling Photography posted about a special mini-session day she was hosting, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. The shoot included make up glam by Jessica Candage who is an absolute artist and clearly not afraid to do some serious fat shading. I am honestly really, really pleased with the outcome. Because it was only a mini session, the entire shoot took maybe 30 mins, which pleased Justin, and we got to spend the day in Old Orchard Beach!

Our engagement and wedding photos were super formal (which is what I wanted) so I asked Jenn if we could shoot our couple shots in a bed. We are bed people….our bed is our hang out spot, office and sometimes dining room (sad but true). Of course she was happy to go along with the plan and here’s the result…

And a few shots were snapped just of me and the bump…

Oh man do I love the two guys in these photos to the moon and back..
Thank you a million times over Jenn and Jess!

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