Oh my goodness, what a perfect afternoon!
I am so lucky and blessed to have so many people who love Gray already and want to spoil him rotten!
Thank you a million times over to the shower hostesses Ashley and Amerika for planning such a sweet event with such special details.
 When guests arrived they were asked to sign a special item for Gray and to fill out their guesses on when Gray will arrive, how much he will weigh and what he might look like.
I’ll declare the winner from the delivery room!

Ashley and Baby C kicked things off with a sweet toast for Baby Gray
And then the eating began! The menu was “What Gray Wants, Gray Gets”
Happiness is a pregnant woman with a plate of freshly grilled bacon cheeseburgers!
(thanks for manning the grill Bumpy!)
We also dined on my Dean and Deluca Copy Cat Salad, fresh berries, warm orzo salad and a big ole chocolate cake!

I wish we had gotten shots of the gorgeous bar complete with an anchor print diaper cake and the fabulous blue flower arrangement on the table but not everyone eyes an event like a blogger does ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby Sloan and Baby C, who were both just buns in their respective ovens while their mommies were bridesmaids in my wedding!

Amerika and her number one guy, Baby C
(there is no love like grandma love)
Baby C is Baby Gray’s future best friend. I can’t wait for them to meet! 

Man, times have changed! It was just a year ago that the two of us were shutting down The Shore Club in Miami and now look at the joy over a Bumbo!
My littlest bridesmaid in her sweet Masters outfit!
I just realized there are so many pics of the babes in this post! But hey, it was a baby shower and they really are the best party guests!
The amazing hostesses…I’m so lucky that they’ve been in my life since I was in middle school!
Half of my Bridesmaids and friends since childhood

All three babes
Baby C definitely knows where his best friend is…Sloan is not impressed with all of these boys.
Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us from afar! I literally sat in a pile of baby boy things covered in Moose faces, fleece, orange and footballs and stared at my son’s name painted, stitched and monogrammed with love on so many items.
We are so, so blessed to have each of you in our lives!
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