How Far Along: 26 Weeks

Size of Babe: my apps differ greatly this week…one says he’s the length of a green onion (14 inches and 1 2/3 pounds) one says he’s the size of an eggplant (9 inches and 2 full pounds). For someone so small, those are big differences!

Gender: our son, Gray

Symptoms: my knees are starting to hurt at night, aching feet, leg cramps, still rocking the stuffy nose and swollen hands, trips to the bathroom at night that sometimes keep me up resulting in a need to nap during the day.

Loving: I loved my week in Virginia. So many fun things happened with my brother getting engaged, our trip to the beach, my baby shower and getting to see so many of my favorite people. My mom got to feel Gray move and she was so tickled about it and my dad and I got to take as many trips to bad southern fast food places that I could dream up.

Loathing: my largeness and the knowledge that I will get larger, the stranger advice that seems to happen in the oddest places by the oddest people.

Husband: is getting ready, man style! Our stroller and car seat arrived while I was away and he spent hours putting together the stroller and learning how to use it. He was so ready to teach me how to use it when I came home and was quick to let me know that switching out the car seat and stroller seat was tricky and when I was ready, I should just let him know and he’d do it for me (can you tell I’m married to an engineer??). He’s also ready to get going on the nursery and so the projects will begin ASAP…I can’t wait!

Wedding Rings: um, no

Belly Button: is weird

Movement: yep! He’s still a sleep guy (like his dad) but he’s flipped over and his limbs are facing out again so I can definitely feel the jabs and punches.

Maternity Clothes: I think I’m on the tail end of mixing and matching maternity and regular clothes…I’ve noticed that when I wear maternity tops and dresses I look much bigger and in regular tops my belly looks smaller. My matron of honor let me raid her summer maternity stash and I’ve basically been wearing everything she lent me ever since.

Best Part of the Week: My baby shower!

Worst Part of the Week: Waking up to snow this morning.

Missing Most: wine.

Can’t Wait: to get the nursery started! I’m definitely feeling major nesting impulses to re-do every single thing in every single room so I’m narrowing down my list and waiting for the weather to get warm enough to work on furniture projects outside.

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