Happy Friday Ya’ll!
It’s been a crazy week around here and the days just slipped past me!
It wouldn’t be a Friday without linking up with April and Co. for another round of Five on Friday to celebrate the end of the week….so here we go!

1. DIY Diva

(sneak peak!)

The past few days I’ve been working on baby Gray’s dresser…and oh, Lordy have I made one million newbie mistakes! This is my first time giving a piece of furniture a make over and it has been quite the learning experience. I think I’m finally happy with the result and will share all of my stumbles and re-do’s with y’all on Monday. Until then, I’ll be attempting to remove the navy paint from my nails, hair and ankles (?).

2. Sweet Dreams
This babe is really rocking my sleep world! Some nights I sleep really well, with the exception of my trips to the bathroom, and some nights those trips to the bathroom result in hours upon hours of laying awake thinking. It is the worst. The other morning Justin set his alarms (yes, plural) for 5am and then proceeded to hit snooze until 7am. Two entire hours of alarms going off and I was awake for every single one. And then of course I’m exhausted by 9am and have to nap to get through the day….days like that just seem like a lost cause of exhaustion, napping and trips to the bathroom. I’m guessing baby boy is getting me ready for his arrival!

3. Just Like Daddy
Justin and I are working very hard to get the nursery ready before our trip to Greece in just a few short weeks. Once we return, I will be 8 months pregnant and it will be time to pack our hospital bags, so having the room ready is our top priority in the baby department these days. Yesterday I hung the baby hats on the back of Gray’s door and realized they looked mighty familiar…

4. Deadliest Catch

Anyone else excited that this show is back on for it’s 10th Season?? I mean, I get its no Whale Wars, but I just love the drama. My friend Caroline and I used to watch it and she would always say “I wonder what it smells like there!”. I can’t watch anymore without thinking about what their rain gear, bait bags and cabins must smell like!

5. Sunshine
Today is the first day in 4 days and the last day in the forceable forecast that we are hang a gorgeous sunny day. With that in mind, I’m going to be a good Mainer and head out and bask in the rays!

Have a fab weekend!

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