How Far Along: 29 weeks
(for now…..)

Size Of The Babe: my apps say that a 29 weeker is the size of a butternut squash buuuuut…
we got some very interesting news at our appointment last week. It seems that baby boy is still growing at a rapid rate and is now measuring a full two weeks early. We have a growth ultrasound scheduled for the Monday morning after we return home and if he’s still measuring that large (or larger) and has a regular amount of fluid floating around in there then we’ll move up our due date an entire two weeks. Man am I glad that we decided not to book further travel after Greece! This kid is on his own schedule!

Gender: baby boy Gray

Symptoms: oh man, I’m feeling really, really big this week. I can no longer bend straight down, put on shoes that aren’t slip ons, reach straight ahead of me or do strenuous activities. I’m definitely having a hard time feeling cute and am still headed to the bathroom all through the night. I get super worn out around 3pm every day and sometimes have to nap or I’ll fall asleep standing up. My feet and fingers are still swollen and I’m still rocking the stuffy nose. I for sure snore now and will wake myself up snoring. Justin loves this.

Loathing: feeling so big, not being able to buy cute resort wear for our trip, going up and down two flights of stairs to do laundry, being out of breath after a short walk around the neighborhood, getting out of non-SUV, my chubby arms.

Loving: that I won’t have to suck in my belly in my bikini in Santorini, that the weather is a bit warmer in Maine and when the sun does rise it’s up around 5am, that we had a backyard BBQ for Mark’s birthday last night, leftover birthday cake,

Husband: is so ready for our trip! He sends me weather updates and on errands to grab things for our adventure. Neither of us are packed even though we’re leaving tomorrow morning but we’ll get it together and be ready to hit the skies Friday!

Wedding Rings: nope

Belly Button: is an innie most of the time but when baby’s head is pushing just the right way, part of my belly button pops out.

Movement: yep! still very active at night or if I indulge in a sugary treat (my little Mainer loves Gifford’s ice cream, a Summer tradition in Maine!)

Maternity Clothes: this may be the last time I say this but still mixing and matching.

Best Part of the Week: Mark’s birthday BBQ was super fun last night and we got to sit outside and enjoy company in our backyard…and then we went for ice cream….it was almost like Summer!

Worst Part of the Week: yesterday was a bit of a rough day in the self esteem department. I was feeling very big and yucky about myself. I can’t seem to keep my belly from catching drips and spills so I feel unclean even when I’m showered and wearing an outfit. I really feel like I’m at the stage where I’ve given my body over to this growing babe. I don’t want to lose myself in all of this…I’m afraid of mini vans and mom hair cuts and not having a social life. (before anyone lectures me, I always keep it real here so I’m allowed to voice those concerns. I prayed for this baby and would lay down my life for him, but it’s ok that I don’t want to lose myself in this pregnancy/new mom process). I don’t like not being able to do things on my own or asking for help…it goes against my nature. I’m trying to adapt to this stage but it’s been a bit hard on me.

Missing Most: my real clothes, being in control of my own body appearance, booze

Can’t wait for: well besides our trip I can’t wait to see baby Gray at our size ultrasound! Typically, we would be done with ultrasounds now so getting to see his little face is such a treat. I’m also really anxious to know if he’s still huge and what our due date will be!

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