Hey ya’ll! Happy Monday!
Many of you have asked, and yes, I’m still pregnant. 

How crazy is that? Two hospital stays including a 4 1/2 day run in anti-partum with this babe trying to make his debut numerous times and the second he’s allowed to come (and Daddy has a week off from work) he decides he’d like to stay put in his ever shrinking current real estate. I was warned in the hospital (many times) that this happens often, but I just couldn’t believe it would happen to us. Not with all of the pre-term drama we had going on. At this point, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that we may actually make it to our scheduled C Section (but you better believe that every single twinge and cramp has me hoping that I’m headed to Labor and Delivery!)
Anyways, back to this weekend!
I felt like a bad wife that my rogue pregnancy has prevented us from taking advantage of Justin’s week off (his company closes for the week of July 4th) so I decided to “make vacation” in our back yard….complete with a kiddy pool, very uncomfy pool chairs and bistro bulbs.

 Of course, Justin had to install the bistro bulbs and has decided that my spacial awareness is the worst ever, so we’re off to buy more today to step up the impact. When he got home on Friday, I was sunning my watermelon of a belly (his words) in a bikini drinking a mocktail by the “pool”. 
Hey, at least I tried! 
On Saturday, we hit the road for an adventure….and found ourselves at the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival

Meet the Paul Bunyon Whoopie – pancake flavored pies, maple syrup frosting and real candied bacon mixed in:

Sadly, it was DISgusting…
 Whoopie Pies are a big deal in Maine….and this festival was people watching at it’s finest. I made it a few hours before I had to call things off due to the heat and then proceeded to hope my water would break thanks to all of my walking and eating. It did not. 
We spent the rest of the weekend eating lemon flavored baked goods, grilling Justin’s signature ribs, eating as much ice cream as possible, watching World Cup soccer, and staying out of the heat (high 80’s, what?!).  

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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