How Far Along: 37 weeks 1 day
Size of Babe: a watermelon (no kidding, I’m as big as a house. People look at me with pitty)
Gender: twig and berries 
Symptoms: swelling, sweaty and sexy. Unfortunately, none of these key symptoms will inspire the doctor to go ahead and get him out. The irony that my baby tried to bust on out pre-term and now won’t come out at term is not lost on me. 
Loving: lemonade, my window air conditioner, fried shrimp, ice cream, late afternoon naps, fresh flowers, doctor approved sleeping pills 
Loathing: the rib pain, the fact that only like two items of clothing still fit, that I have earned three little stretch marks in the last week (Justin counted them for me because I can’t see them)
Wedding Rings: I’m even more swollen than usual so absolutely not 
Belly Button : still flat 
Maternity Clothes: oh yeah
Best Part of the Week: all of my quality time with my vacationing husband has been the best treat. 
Worst Part of the Week: there may or may not have been an incident where I was in so much pain I got in the shower in at attempt to soothe my ribs/shower the baby out of me. It didn’t work and I had to call Justin into our room (sobbing) to ask him to help me put my undies on because I was in too much pain to bend over and do it myself. It.was.bad. 
Can’t Wait: to have this baby boy!