Thank ya’ll for your sweet words on our family photos yesterday! 
Having pro photogs document our major life milestones is an indulgence of mine. I genuinely love and admire an amazing photograph and often hunt down photography talent the minute we move to a new place. 
Before we book a session, I always have a vision in mind. It’s important that the look I’ve schemed up matches the style and talent of the photographer. Once we chat, brainstorm and are able to match visions, I literally cannot wait to figure out the details of our wardrobes.
I typically try to work with items that we have in our closet. 
For this shoot, we did not purchase a single item. 
It’s important to me that our “look” (if we’re going to be kind enough to call it that) match our setting. I’ve forced Justin to tolerated very formal photos in downtown Charleston, casual photos in a marsh, newborn photos in my hospital bed and now photos stomping through the forests of Maine. Each time, I worked to make sure we matched our surroundings (for example: I wore my pajamas in our newborn pics. so glam.). 
Here’s what I worked up for this  “Fall in Maine is gorgeous and we’re just days away from the Winter depression/our baby is 3 months old” shoot:

Fall Family Photos 2

|| mama: top similar | jacket similar | boots | denim | || baby: knit onesie | mocs similar | blanket similar | || dad: button down | vest | denim ||

I wanted to grab a few photos of just me and the babe, so I waited to layer up in my coat until we were a threesome. 
I love how soft my top and his knit onesie look together.

I like to work in a pattern here and there, but am careful that the pattern isn’t extreme and distracting. I cannot recommend the Elsa top from Lily Pulitzer enough for new moms. Well, that’s not true, I highly recommend it for anyone. But for new moms, this top is especially flattering. This top would kill in newborn pics. I own a few patterns and wore them to work at my old 9-5 tucked into a pencil skirt, when I was pregnant, immediately after delivery and now that my body is working itself out, I still rock them.

As a follow up to the genius “you can’t pose a baby” advice, I’m a big fan of just following the lead of the photographer and letting them capture the not so glam moments. The shot below is actually an action shot of me rocking Gray while he’s fussing his face off, and it’s one of my faves.

In our family photos, I layered up in my utility coat (my exact coat is a few years old from C. Wonder and no longer available) and we popped a pair of mocs on the babe.

I get asked about these little shoes often and this particular pair is actually a hand me down set from Baby Gap and, sadly, no longer available.
But, I just love how teeny they are.
I am so grateful that those teensy baby feet were captured on film.
aaaaaand I’m itching to blow this shot up for Gray’s baby Mainer nursery…, poster size.
Too far?

As a family of three, we (ha, saying “we” is funny. Clearly, I’m the only one who cared what we were wearing) focused on layers. My husband was kind enough to bring back the pattern with his button down since I covered my pattern with a jacket.

A word on props:

Personally, I’m not super into them but I do always bring a blanket or large scarf with me.
You never know when you may want to use it as a ground cover to flop down on, wrap around a snuggling couple or swaddle a fussy baby. This particular “blanket” is actually a large piece of fabric that I use as a scarf. I love how the pattern adds another dimension and lends to the rustic fall vibe.

Ok, there it is, my non professional strategy on creating a look for your family photos.

Thank you to our amazing photographer Danielle Brady.
We are so lucky that she as captured so many important moments in Gray’s life.

And I promise, that’s it, no more family photos.