On Friday evening, we decided it was time for Baby Gray to get to Virginia to meet his great grandfather, my Pop Pop, and the rest of his nutty extended family on my side. As luck would have it, we were able to hop a plane from Maine to Virginia on Sunday morning for less than a million dollars. 
So we said goodbye to Fall and hello to our first time flying with the babe…..
and guess who was solo?
 This girl.
Because our travel plans were so last minute, I really didn’t have to panic, over-plan and over-analyze.
I even waited until Sunday morning to pack us.
(Ha, does that come off as cool and casual? 
The real reason I had to wait was because I didn’t have any clean underpants.)
Justin took us to the airport and waited with us until we checked our bag and then it was just mama and baby for the rest of the adventure. 
the photo below is my “I can handle this (please stay asleep, I’m begging you to stay asleep) face” 
Ya’ll I have to admit something
I am so effing proud of myself for handling this trip like a champ.
Yeah, yeah the baby handled the whole thing pretty well (he slept both flights) but honestly, it was me who had to do all of the work.
Like getting the flight attendant to take our pic before we departed.
Sorry I’m not sorry! 

 | Baby Bjorn |
and taking lots of selfies.
In all seriousness, the hardest part of the entire process was lugging around all of the gear.
Breaking down the car seat and stroller for each flight and the security process was less than enjoyable. Especially on our last flight where the plane is so tiny you walk out onto the tarmac of the Philadelphia Airport to board. So yeah, I was out there with all of the planes and baggage people wrestling with my stroller and pretending to be calm. 
| diaper bag |
I wore him through security in my Bjorn and used the stroller to push my 200lb diaper bag around.
Once we hit our layover in Philly, the bag got the boot and the babe hung out in his carseat to have a bottle and watch mama house a Chipotle salad.
 | stroller + car seat |
The timing of the flights worked out just perfectly that we could eat, grab a change and take a minute to play before we had to load up again. Yes, I laid my baby on the airport floor. But on our blanket that I did not let near his skin again and is now in my parents washing machine.
| tiger |
(thank you for hand making my leggings Ms. Cait!)
The play time was just enough to wear him out for our second, super short flight.
He fussed a bit but that prop job was loud as hell so no one really heard.

And now we’re home with my parents.
I haven’t held my kid since yesterday and I’m still in my pajamas.
There’s no place like home.
Obviously, I’ll work on a real traveling with a 3 month old post for ya’ll.
The amount of crap I brought is enough to keep ya’ll laughing for days.
Oh hey, P.S., there might be some really exciting news on my Insta feed tonight…..make sure you’re following, I’m super excited to finally let this cat out of the bag! 
(and no, for the love of all things holy, I am not pregnant again.)