I confess: that despite it all, this move snuck up on me.
I confess: doing a move with a baby is….interesting….I’m resorting to desperate measures. 
I confess: I’m a little sad to leave this house but am extremely excited to get my hands on the next one.
I confess: I organized random things like cleaning supplies, but my clothes are in giant piles all over my bedroom waiting to be sorted into “apartment” and “storage” boxes. Sorry movers, you’ll be packing clothes until the very end. 
I confess: I can’t stop watching Fixer Upper and Property Brothers
I confess: I was addicted to Pinterest when I was pregnant. When the baby was born I quit cold turkey and was burned out on pinning like whoa. Now that we’re moving, I’ve hit it hard. I lay awake at night pinning play rooms and kitchen counters. I may need a 12 step program. 
I confess: I am traveling solo this weekend and I literally cannot wait to sit by myself in a crowded plane and read a magazine in silence. I may actually listen to white noise on my headphones to block out any rogue neighbor chatter. 
I confess: my feet are officially and permanently bigger since my pregnancy. I’ve been a size 9 since like 7th grade and I’m having the toughest time jamming my feet into my shoes. I’m currently on the hunt for new summer/South Carolina flip flops to slide into and race out the door – these are the current front runner.
I confess: a move is super hard on your waistline. We are eating constant take out and I am drinking tons of wine. Hey, the movers won’t move the booze and the Two Buck Chuck isn’t worth the precious space in the one vehicle that is making the trek down 95. It’s a tough job, but someone has to drink all of the vino. 

I confess: I am so over Winter. I’m actually a little bent out of shape that it’s forecasted to be in the 30’s and 40’s in SC the day we arrive. I need Vitamin D stat. 
I confess: I can’t wait for the Willow Crowns Spring Line to drop! We’ve been working crazy hard on it and I know ya’ll will love it. 
I confess: I’ve been holding out on some big news. I hope that next week things will be official and I can spill the beans!