We woke up Saturday morning to a surprise 8 inches of snow – I swear neither Justin nor I had heard a peep about more snowfall on the radio or during my Vanderpump Rules marathon Friday – but alas, we were greeted with soft, fluffy powder ready to be shoveled on Saturday morning.
I can’t even begin to guess how much snow is in our yard at this point but I do know that it took Justin hours to dig out our patio set and grill so that the movers could access it on Monday morning.
Oh, what’s that? The movers are coming?? Yeah, they are. And we are not ready.
I’ll happily admit that with our corporate moves, we have a pack out, meaning the movers come in and pack us. While watching someone else pack your entire life is both efficient and extremely odd, we do have to manage the task of sorting, labeling and organizing the items that need to head to our temporary apartment from the items that will go into storage for the foreseeable future. 

So we spent this weekend cleaning out the fridge, throwing things away, doing endless loads of laundry and eating. Nothing glam or worth reporting, but it was our last in Maine, so I guess that means it’s worth documenting! 
This week will be a bit bonkers but I’ll be blogging for at least the first half of the week (I have to be on site to “supervise” the movers/hide in my room and watch Sophia The First with the baby). But if I survive, by the time this week is over, I’ll actually be rewarded with a super quick trip to a super fun destination….more details soon…
Any guesses where I’ll end up?? 
P.S. wanna see what our Maine house looked like when we first laid eyes on it? 
Check this post out….it’s crazy what a little paint can do!