This weekend was girl Heaven, plain and simple. I hopped a plane solo – no babe strapped to me, no car seat to drop on my toes and no stroller to fold in front of dozens of weary business travelers – and flew South to Houston. 
Yes, we are literally smack in the middle of a move but I just had to be there for the first ever Willow Crowns trunk show. Timing be damned, I wasn’t missing this one. 
Thankfully, my in laws and my husband were kind enough to supervise my offspring and sent me on my way with sweet words like “enjoy your ‘me’ time!”. 
What more could a mama ask for? 
Megan was waiting for me at the airport and we started my 36 hours in Houston with steak queso, strawberry margs and tons of work talk. I went to bed in a carb induced food coma and woke to the promises of a blow out and Starbucks. 
Yes, please. 
The trunk show was hosted in the fabulous Macaron by Patisse in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston. The decor in the shop is unreal – clean and modern with wild pops of color. I was in love. And they fed me endless birthday cake macarons so obv I’m a fan. 
The amazingly talented Esther of CuteHeads was the driving force behind the show – we have her to thank for including us, introducing us to Sukaina, the owner of Macaron by Patisse, and for sweet talking Veronika into being our Hostess. 
Ok, now for the photo overload….
If you’re a Willow Crowns girl, look carefully, you may just see a sneak peek of Spring 2015 pieces! 
The sweet seersucker flutter sleeve on that CuteHeads dress makes my ovaries ache just a teensy bit for a girl…..
Thank you to every single customer, friend, blogger and babe who came out to see us on Saturday! I honestly cannot express how much fun I had meeting ya’ll in person, hugging you, fussing over your babies and watching you lay eyes on our new pieces for the first time. I have never felt so lucky to do what I love – thank you for making it possible. 
And, perhaps more importantly, thank you for not judging me when you walked through the door and I was shoving Macarons in my face. 
Just as I was making my way back to the counter for a gelato pop, Meg reminded me to save room for popcorn….because we had a movie to see!
 I’m sure you can guess which one. 
Oh yeah, we hit up 50 Shades and loved every second. 
I was so inspired, I picked up this little trinket (I know ya’ll are relieved that you won’t have to see it on my Wish List for anymore) in a perfect shade of grey (see what I did there?). 
On Sunday morning I grabbed my tiny, non-mom like carry on and headed home to this guy
We are now all in our beds in our temporary apartment in our new hometown of Greenville, SC! 
I hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend! 
P.S. The Willow Crowns Spring line drops Monday at 9am CST! I hope you love it as much as we do!