I am in desperate need of new sandals for my now bigger feet (thanks, pregnancy). 
Moving South means that I’m needing them sooner than later and the ShopBop sale is calling my name….and while I’d like to blame everything on the warmer weather, the truth is that I can’t find any of my shoes in all of the boxes in our temporary apartment. 
So, help a girl out. 

jellies | badgley bling | rose gold | turquoise tory | woven tribal tory | coral | wild card snakeskin

Of course, I’m in love with all of them – and they run the gamut in price point and style
(jellies to woven leather? I’d say I’m having tough time narrowing things down, wouldn’t you?)

I am definitely sticking with a slide on thong because I never have enough hands to hold all of my baby crap and my baby, let alone strap on an espadrille.

What’s your vote?