I’m going to be honest.
I’m on the edge. 
So, so many things are just up in the air right now. 
We are living in piles of unopened boxes and without spoons (because I packed forks and knives for the apartment, but not spoons, obviously), with TV’s propped on the floor and no trash cans. It’s just a hot mess, plain and simple. I’m trying to prioritize, accomplish small tasks when I can and help the baby adjust to whatever it is that is rocking his world and preventing him from napping. 
With that said, I have to admit that, on top of it all, just a teeny part of me is missing our house in Maine.
Not Maine – please don’t misinterpret that – I am most definitely not missing the tundra. 
But I am missing Gray’s sweet little nursery. 
I know that I’ll have such a blast creating a space for him when we move into our permanent home, but I am feeling all mama nostalgic about the first place I showed him when I brought him home from the hospital. I spent so many months agonizing over the placement of books on his Lucite shelves (hello, hormones) and crafting little projects just for him.
Our amazing friend and crazy talented photographer, Danielle Brady Photography, offered to come to our home to document Gray’s nursery as a farewell gift to us. The photos just hit my desktop and I am wallowing in my “oh my gaaaah, his first room is gooooone” feelings. Lucky for ya’ll, I have a blog and get to dump those feelings on you so you can feel them with me!
Ready to feel?? 

Thank you, Danielle, for capturing such sweet moments for us over the past year – we love you.
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