Oh, the Mom Uniform.
I pick mine up off the floor every morning and slap it on – sometimes sans shower – and the fact that I put on pants is an achievement in my book. 
So much of an achievement that I chose to have pro photos taken in my uni so that I didn’t have to come up with an outfit. 
Yep. That Happened.
So today’s Can’t Live Without It is this super inexpensive, relaxed, comfortable pair of boyfriend jeans – the staple of the ensemble. 
Throw on a roomy V neck pocket tee and these flats and I’m headed to Starbucks 
(the drive through obviously, I mean, let’s not aim too high)
If things are really fancy, I’ll toss on my new fave necklace (in slate grey!) and perhaps a cocoon sweater thing that can be barfed on and then machine washed (and happens to also be super soft and cozy). 
Today, I ventured out sans babe for a few brief minutes to run errands and looked down to discover that I had a giant baby pee stain right over my boob. 
And then I sat in my car and ate pre-slized cheese and crackers in the silent safety of my SUV.
Ah, motherhood.
It’s so glamorous.
Have a fab weekend! 
Photos by Danielle Brady Photography