I won’t lie, I get a ton of emails from fellow baby boy mamas asking where I snag G’s threads. I know it can be a bit of a bummer when it comes to dressing a baby boy instead of a girl babe (all of the bows! bitty shoes! mama + mini outfits!) but finding pieces for baby boy that are classic, stylish and slogan free can be done, I promise! 
My go to shops are Old Navy and Baby Gap but I never buy anything full price from either stops. Both run a billion sales and paying full price is kinda stupid. I know this is not news to ya’ll, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Recent snags from Old Navy include these babies:

P.S. there’s currently a 15% off code on kids and baby – use COOL at check out

I also die for these recent Baby Gap finds

As far as baby boy’s Southern Style goes, my Mother In Law makes all of his monogrammed bubbles and Jon Johs, so I’m a little spoiled there. She has an Etsy shop and her smocking skills are on point. Speaking of Etsy/shopping small, if you’re in the market for some Southern Style swag, two of my fave monogram and smocking shops are Crystal Faye (I want a matching pull over for me and G like whoa) and Smocked Auctions  (holy college football outfits!).

And for my baby boy grand finale, I was in Chicago this past weekend for a Bachelorette (hence the radio silence on the blog, my old mom ass barely survived my 3am club appearance and am still recuperating) and our hotel happened to be across the street from a gigantic ZARA. Obviously, Gray cleaned up in that deal. Zara has the cutest selection of on trend boy clothes that are free of any obnoxious sayings, have a wallet friendly price tag and are adorable without being babyish. P.S. this isn’t a sponsored post (despite sounding like one) I just drank the ZARA cool aid and needed to share my crazy. 
 So here’s what I snagged for the babe

| navy shorts | giraffe tee | palm shorts | striped tee | wave shorts |

Those tees are going to be in constant rotation around here (and if you look closely, the stripe one already has baby food smeared on it because I just had to put him in it. Blogger pro move, if I do say so myself).

So there it is, my Southern Gentleman/Hipster Baby/Classic Prepster mash up of a baby boy style post. Go forth and conquer, boy mamas!