The fabulous Jenn of Fruit Snacks and Flannel was sweet enough to include me in an incredible group of women who were asked to define the word “motherhood”. The result is a sweet, tender post that is a must read for Mother’s Day. 
My unfiltered as always thoughts on the topic are below and you can read Jenn’s post here
Motherhood is such a loaded word! It’s puffs smashed in my hair, slobbery kisses, spit up on my clothes, endless rounds of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, pacis in my purse, extra round thighs (his and mine), organic pouches with a side of Chick-fil-a waffle fries, car naps, play dates (his and mine), permanently chipped manis and scrunchy nose smiles. Motherhood is doing a million things but never feeling like a single one was accomplished, praying for an extra 20 minutes to sleep in and staying up late scrolling through photos on your phone, fixing six meals a day but never sitting down to eat one yourself. Motherhood is none of the things I thought it would be but all of the things I dreamed it could be. 

Happy Mother’s Day!