All photos in this post were taken today….
So, I’m guessing that ya’ll have already figured out that things aren’t exactly peachy in construction land. My radio silence across all social media platforms has resulted in many of you reaching out to make sure that we are alive. 
And we are, but barely.
My husband says that I’m not allowed to get on the Internets and trash our contractor. 
So, I won’t.
But I will say that I spent a good portion on Friday standing in our driveway at the new house and crying. 
Real crying. 
An Ugly Cry.
Our house is frustratingly incomplete.
There are many, many small construction tasks that are hanging in limbo, each dependent on another half finished project for completion. There are a million excuses, people to blame, people who refuse to shoulder the blame and endless words to “explain” the state of our home.
None of them matter to me.
What matters to me is that we had nowhere safe to take our baby. What matters to me is that we had no where to put our belongings when the movers arrived because flooring was only partially complete in multiple rooms. We were forced to leave many items out in the yard. What matters to me is that we’ve had to ask our friends to help us finish projects left incomplete by others, to let us stay in their homes, drink their wine and (at this very moment) use their washer and dryer because we have a very sick baby who has left us with zero clean sheets for the crib or our bed (and yes, we own a washer and dryer in our new house, it just hasn’t been appropriately installed). 
I have no kitchen and no laundry room, no living room and no space to just be. One guest room is stacked floor to ceiling, wall to wall with boxes and furniture because it had finished floors. The baby’s bathroom has been only partially grouted for a week. 
We had to board poor Macie through the end of the week because we don’t feel it’s safe for her to be in the house with all of the construction materials laying around.
Luckily, we only did a cosmetic update to our master bath so we have a working toilet, sinks and a bathtub. Justin and I worked our asses off over the weekend and made a safe nursery for the baby and bedroom for ourselves. We have never been so grateful to be close to family – Justin’s parents kept the baby all weekend and he was in hog heaven with all of his aunts, uncles and cousins at Camp Grandma.

In the midst of all of this, I am so very overwhelmed, but also so incredibly grateful.
Justin has been forced to take the past two days off from work to help finish tasks and manage the project. At least I’ve had my best friend around.
We launched our 4th of July Capsule Collection yesterday and I was able to work from my phone, managing the inventory as it flew off of our shelves. Meg and I are still in shock when we sell pieces, let alone sell out! and p.s. thank you for shopping small and letting us do what we love to do.
I genuinely hate asking for favors and help, but our friends have been bending over backwards to be there for us – so many texts begging to let them take the baby somewhere fun to play, offers to help clean, bring dinner and wine and, of course, letting us stay in their home with zero notice. 
We were able to sneak away to a friend’s 30th birthday on Saturday and I looked around at my girlfriends pitching in to clean up the kitchen and gossiping about nothing and just had to stop them to tell them how grateful I am that we are home. Home with them. 
Soon we’ll be able to really feel like the new house is home and until then, we’ll just power through.