With the exception of my blogger maternity leave, this past week is the longest break I’ve ever taken from this space. I won’t lie, I’ve missed my nightly routine of flopping on the sofa with my laptop and a handful of so-so photos and dumping all of my thoughts into a blank Blogger page. I know ya’ll have just been on the edge of your seats waiting to hear what paint color I chose for my powder bath and I am sorry to have left you hanging. 
(that was sarcasm, I know ya’ll already know what color I chose, duh.)
I have to be honest though, this past week hasn’t resulted in much to blog about.
 (today’s snack time scene. obv, his girl Sophia is straight ahead on Daddy’s big screen)
Here’s a quick recap in case you’re new here:
1. we’ve lived in our new house for 10 days
2. it is not finished.
3. yes, it was supposed to be finished before we moved in.
4. yes, the contractor knew when we were going to move in.
5. the baby got a stomach virus on Monday
6. I got a the same virus (henceforth known as The Great Moving Week Plague) on Tuesday
7. Justin got The Great Moving Week Plague on Tuesday night.
8. we are trying to unpack boxes but it is proving difficult with the house still non-functional
9. we don’t have internet and won’t until literally next week (!). side note: is it just me or is the music in Starbucks super loud? I’m old. 
Conclusion: our shit is a hot mess.
So, now we do our best to live in and around a construction zone.
As far as what the future holds, we are hopeful thanks to today’s grand announcement 
(based on a few friendly threats from yours truly) that the work will be completed tomorrow. 
(not including paint and dry wall touch ups and my correct kitchen cabinet faces….yeah, let’s not get started on the kitchen cabinet faces….).
I’ll believe it when I see it.
But here’s the bottom line:
I don’t have any answers to explain our current situation or glam After photos to show you (and no, I do not currently feel like it will all be worth it) so we are going to move on. After today, we’re business as usual here at Olive & Tate (.com) and tomorrow we’re talking shopping small and then on Wednesday, I’m whipping up a post to tell you how things have changed since I published one of my most talked about (and viewed) posts ever. Thursday night will be another round of the Can’t Live Without It Link Up and then I hit the skies to fulfill my duties as Bridesmaid for one of my most favorite couples. 
Sound like a plan?
Good! I’m glad everyone is on board.
See you kids tomorrow!