So, I basically give my husband zero credit.
Like no credit, ever.
I’m sure being married to me is quite a treat 
(for the record he’s no picnic either. ugh. see, I just can’t give the kid a break)
Anyway, today is a rare moment where I’m singing my other half’s praises. 
It doesn’t happen often so try to hang in there and we’ll all get through it together.
For Christmas, my husband surprised me with the sweetest gift he’s ever given me –
a simple gold bangle with the coordinates of our son’s birth place hand stamped on the front. He sealed the deal and had the babe’s name and the date he was born inscribed on the back. He told me it was for me to wear everyday and remember the one good thing that came out of Bangor, Maine (that’s a joke. kinda.).
I put it on and wore it for a few days before I asked him where he had it made. He, in typical husband fashion, shrugged his shoulders and said “some Etsy shop”. Now, I love me some small shops but I was a bit concerned that my days with my bracelet looking gorgeous and in one piece may be numbered. I tend to be the type of girl who puts on jewelry and doesn’t take it off until it falls off (or in the case of my wedding ring, has to be practically cut off thanks to pregnancy swelling).
Anyway, during our move from Maine to the apartment in South Carolina, I emptied out a drawer of random keepsakes (otherwise known as my bedside table) and found the box that my coordinates bracelet came in. It occurred to me that I had been wearing my little bracelet for 6 months, non-stop, and it was just as perfect as the day I put it on. 
If working with WC has taught me anything, it has taught me the impact of positive feedback so I searched the Etsy shop, The Modern Bazaar, and reached out to the owner, Jen, to tell her how well my bracelet was fairing and how much it meant to me. She and I struck up a conversation (mostly about my husband’s stroke of gift giving genius) and I mentioned that I thought our wedding date should be commemorated as well. I had an idea for a similar every day bangle that would pair well with my coordinates bracelet but was just a bit different.

Wanna see what she whipped up?

A perfect gold bangle with our wedding date in Roman Numerals engraved on the outside.
I am so in love with the way that it turned out that I had to brag on Jen. And, because I basically badgered her to death into read this little slice of grammatical heaven, she decided to treat ya’ll for putting up with me day in and day out! 
 Jen is offering the Olive & Tate faithful 15% off of your purchase when you use the code OLIVEANDTATE
and, because she’s amazing,
she’s also giving away a $60 shop credit! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveway ends on Sunday night so I’ll announce the winner on Monday
(so long, Monday Blues, am I right?)

In all seriousness, I know that shopping small can sometimes be a teensy bit more costly but the makers out there amaze me with their talents. Thanks to Jen for sharing hers with me. Go check out her shop, I know ya’ll will love her too.