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Asked: You answered the question about your C-Section in your first go around and made reference to pulling more offspring through your same scar. Does this mean more babies are on the horizon? What are your thoughts on giving G a baby?
Answered: so, my husband has very, very strong feelings about the number of children that we should add to our family. He thinks the world was built for a family of four. Two babies, the end. Just one more. With that in mind, I would love to space our babes out by three years or so. In a perfect world, G is in pre-school when a new baby comes so that we can spend a teensy bit of one on one time with the new baby and so that G has an outlet of his own. Fingers crossed that #2 is a girl or I’ll have to do some major negotiating to try for a third.
Asked: So, wait, you have a tattoo? Where is it?? What is it?
Answered: why yes, I do indeed have a tattoo. It is a Plumeria flower in the classiest spot possible (just above my butt crack) and can roughly be translated to mean “I’m 18 and I can!”. It has literally no other symbolism. I honestly never, ever think about it. I clearly can’t see it and it doesn’t even register if I catch sight of it in the mirror – and no, it didn’t stretch when I got pregnant. Some of our closest friends told me this past weekend that they had no idea that I had a tattoo so clearly I had to show it off and prance around with the top of my butt crack flashing all over the place to make sure they got the entire experience. I’m nice like that. 
Asked: What do you miss most from your pre-baby life?
Answered: easy, sleep. I miss full Saturdays laying in bed doing nothing but watching really bad Bravo marathons, sleeping in as late as I want and not worrying about how late I’m headed into dream land. I also miss making travel plans at the last minute and traveling with one teeny carry on. I love to travel and when I lived in Charlotte, I never thought twice about hopping on a plane and heading somewhere fun for a weekend. Now travel has taken on a new level of dedication, and while we still make traveling with the baby a priority, it most certainly isn’t as care free as it once was. And by that I mean that traveling with a baby is literally one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The end. 
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