Ugh, I am so not handling this whole first birthday thing well.
At all.
Quite honestly, I don’t think of myself as a super sentimental person so I’ve been a little surprised by my own emotional roller coaster. I’ve literally said the words, “he technically isn’t even a baby anymore, he’s a toooooooooddler” while sobbing. 
Not a good look.
Luckily, we have lots going on to distract me from all of the growing up that is going on around here. 
We have a party to throw.
First birthday parties are, in my humble opinion, really a celebration that the joining forces that raised a little hatchling have actually survived one entire year without attempting to flee the scene. 
Infanthood is no joke. And then there’s the teething. And all of that diaper changing. Tough Work.
Because of all that, we are choosing to celebrate our son’s 365 day milestone, but are also celebrating the friends and family who helped get us through. We’ve asked for no gifts for the offspring and are handing out craft beers upon arrival. No one will have to wear a party hat but they will have to help me eat all of the various cheeses and dips that no self respecting baby would be seen dragging a finger through (no need to call CPS, there will be plenty of Goldfish, applesauce pouches and obviously a nugget tray from Chick Fil A).
I avoided a theme and decided to go with a color scheme – grey, cherry red and shades of blue – and am baking the cakes myself (with Publix on standby for a back up). My parents are here to help and hopefully a few last minute house things will come together so our guests aren’t required to wear a hard hat while they wash their hands in a bucket filled from the neighbors faucet. 
And, with that emotional ramble under my belt, I’d like to mention that we are (duh) taking a little break from the Can’t Live Without It link up. Summer is just so busy and we decided that it would make more sense to take a little vacation from the link up. I’m so used to post a Can’t Live Without It on Fridays that I’ll probably post a few here and there just to keep things spicy. 
I’m fancy like that.
Ok, I’m done now. Wish me luck. 
I’ll be back Monday with all of the pics!