8 Lies I Tell Myself
Inspired by the much cooler and funnier than me Colleen
1. I don’t need my wallet or actual cash to pay for my Starbucks, therefor it is free. 
I use the app on my phone, which is linked to my Pay Pal account, which is funded by my WC salary.
No cash, no foul.
2. If I buy something that’s on sale, I actually saved money.
Like, I should be acknowledged for putting money in the bank. That’s just economics.
3. Wine doesn’t have calories.
It is also hydrating.
4. If I wear work out clothes instead of pajamas, people will be impressed with my physical fitness and not appalled with my general laziness. 
5. If I order take out but put it on my real plates, which I clearly then must put into the dishwasher, then that counts as cooking.
6. When the baby watches TV he’s actually learning. 
7. Getting into bed at 8pm and then watching TV and scrolling through Instagram until 11pm is going to bed early.
8. And the best lie of all, after one glass too many, “I’m sure the baby will sleep in tomorrow.”