Ready for another Renovation Reveal? 
I know its those heinous Before photos that keep everyone coming back. 
I swear, I look at them and honestly feel my blood pressure rise a bit. For those of you who have asked, uh, no, we will never, ever do this again. 
So, our Master Bedroom before was small, had really ugly carpet, an odd shade of tan on the wall and the signature death trap windows that can be found in in the house. It’s not a large room and we considered re-configuring the floor plan to create a master suite in another area but alas, the budget decided that one for us (a big fat no).

Suprisingly, we do have an en suite master bath. It’s not big by any means but the fact that a house from 1960 has an en suite is somewhat like finding a unicorn smack the middle of Midtown Manhattan. The bathroom will have it’s moment in the sun, mostly because we chose at the last minute to save a bit of cash and only do cosmetic upgrades to the space. 
sweet photog skills, steph.
Here’s the Master mid-Renovation:
(you’re actually looking at the master, hallway, what was the doorway to another bedroom and what was a hall closet – all demoed away and resting peacefully in renovation heaven) 

you remember from the baby’s bathroom reveal (you don’t, it’s cool), we
smoothed out the angles of the hallway and gained a foot or two in some
of the bedrooms – the master snagged the most and actually gained
enough room to create a small walk in closet. Bonus: we were also able to cram our king sized bed into the room and still have room to walk around it. I really didn’t think that would happen.
Ok ready to see the After?
As always, all photos by Christa Rene Photography and all sources listed at the end!

I have a love affair with white bedding but no longer buy any of it from higher end retailers (for the record, any that I did own from a higher end retailer came into our lives thanks to wedding gift cards). My Amazon Duvet Cover and Euro Shams are the jam. Super soft and a great price point and if the baby barfs on them then so be it.

The sea fan art is DIY and so easy. 
I won’t publicly acknowledge where the coral is from (my husband has a habit of pocketing items off of the beach during our travels like a small child) but you can snag it from any cheesy beach store. I spray painted the coral silver and hot glued it to the back of the cardboard that came in the frame. The frames are from IKEA and the entire project took 2 minutes. 

My little trinket box holds the baby’s hospital bracelets and his first curls from the big haircut last week.

All of the flowers in this post are from Trader Joe’s and were artful chopped and arranged by moi.
Try not to be too impressed.
And yes, we have a giant TV in our bedroom.
 I don’t care what the marriage pros say, it makes us both so happy. 

We’ve been rocking the IKEA Hemnes collection in our Master since we got together. 
And, we bought it used. 
The dresser is actually still mostly holding up and changing the pulls out here and there keep things spicy. 
One day I’d love to change out the side tables to mirrored chests but (shocker) my husband thinks the mirrored pieces would be too girly. He’s probably right, but don’t tell him I said so.

My wedding day perfume is on display and even sometimes gets used! 
(I mean, not usually, but whatever) 

sneak peek of the master bathroom:
Ok, there she is! I have to say that I love the wall color in this room – so bright and crisp. As usual, I went with a grey in the blue family and this is a new fave. 
Let me know if I missed anything or if you have any questions! 
Wall Color: Ben Moore Ice Cubed Silver 
Headboard: Wayfair
Pin Tuck Bedding: West Elm
Down Comforter: Pottery Barn
Euro Shams and Duvet Cover: Amazon
Sea Fan Art: DIY
End Tables: Ikea
Lamps: Home Goods
Trinket Box: Home Goods
Jewelry Stands: Home Goods
Silver Frames: Pottery Barn
Dresser: Ikea
Dresser Pulls: Amazon
Floor Mirror: Ikea
Curtains: Ikea
Curtain Rods/Hardware: Ikea
Tray: Target similar and on clearance
Throw Blanket: Lily for Target similar