Let’s talk babies.
Not my baby/ies (there is no plural, just to be clear). 
Other people’s babies.
It seems that all of my friends are popping out baby number two and, while I’m thrilled for them, I have real problems over here. I’m having a tough time knowing how to properly shower them with gifts. I know, it’s been touch and go there at times but I’ve managed to mostly power through. 
Being a good friend is hard.
Obviously, with baby numero uno, gifts were a given – easy to pick out (thanks Target Online Registry), easy to deliver (thanks again, Target) and basically a no fail situation, seeing as the Mommy To Be needed everything (or had no clue what she really needed). But with baby number two, Mama is a pro and diapers seem like the best gift to give. And while diapers are useful, it does seem to be giving the sweet second born the shaft from day one. 
And then it occurred to me.

As a first born, I should have realized this all along, but I was really missing the boat worrying about mama or baby #2. I should really be focusing on the freshly minted older sibling.

One of my dear friends just had her second baby, a boy, and her daughter became a Big Sister. I can’t remember my introduction to Big Sisterhood, but I’m told I did not handle it well. As the story goes, at one point in my nightly prayers, a sweet, innocent three year old Stephanie prayed that God would make our new baby a girl and if he wasn’t willing to comply, then I would dump the baby in the trashcan (side note: my mother, who witnessed said prayer, already knew she was carrying my brother. Ugh.) 
Based upon this knowledge, I’m fairly certain that I would have been the type of Big Sister who appreciated a little gifting after my world was rocked by a screaming boy baby. So that’s just what I decided to do for my sweet friend’s darling daughter.
I reached out to my college roommate, Colleen, who works alongside her older sister Meghan (so many sibling connections in this post!), at their gorgeous small shop, Life With Peanut.

Both Colleen and Meghan are baby girl moms and Colleen has a knack for whipping up sweet little accessories, so I thought they might be able to help me out. I told Colleen that I wanted a special treat for Big Sister and a little something to coordinate for baby brother. But I was very clear that big sister should be treated as the star. No sharing the spotlight with brother, just go on and make her something spectacular and we’ll deal with him later.

Thankfully, she didn’t listen to me and hand crafted both babes something very special to celebrate their first few weeks as siblings.

Wanna see?

 She made sweet baby girl the sweetest, softest, most chic little toddler necklace that I ever did see. 

Doesn’t that yarn remind you of Rifle Paper Co?
It’s soft and sorta stretchy, kinda like tee shirt material. Perfect for a little on the go.
 and baby boy?

For the sweet squish she crafted a hand made teether in a coordinating fabric.

 I am just so in love.

I can’t wait to see a pic of Big Sister rocking her necklace like the mini adult that she is (at the ripe old age of 23 months) and I know that at least Mama will appreciate that we thought of baby boy in the process.  

Ok, so get this.

Because Colleen and I are friends and because I loved the pieces she made so much, I strong armed her into doing me a little favor. Colleen and Meghan were sweet enough to agree to do a giveaway for my readers (that’s ya’ll!). Not only are they doing a giveaway (which, by the way, is a $25 credit to their shop!), they are offering a 20% coupon code when you enter OLIVEANDTATE at check out.

Uh, 20%? Go ahead and get on that.

Seriously, check out their print shop – I may need to order these for Gray’s nursery and I’m pretty sure that this would be perfect for my office. 

The giveaway will be open until Sunday night and I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning.
I’ll double check all of the entries, so please make sure you cover all of your bases with your entries.
Thanks a million Cols (and yes, I promise not to tell your daughter stories from college…..but only because I love the set so much)!

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