I sorta abandoned the weekend recap style posts because, honestly, I don’t think we ever really do anything spectacular (I mean, how many times do you want to hear me say “and we went to Starbucks”? Boring.) but this weekend deserves a re-cap. 
Because this mom got a break. 
scarf | nail color | photo of cheap champagne by Ashley
As many of you long time sufferers of this blog know, my husband is a huge Clemson Tigers fan. I married in and now I’m a fan, too (apparently). We have season tickets and have tailgated with the same crew for something like a decade. And then we had baby. And, as it turns out, a baby does not super enjoy tailgating for 12 hours and then standing in a notoriously loud stadium for four hours of listening to his dad scream at referees. Who knew, right? 
So, this season, we made a plan. Because we are good parents who make plans and stuff.
Justin sat down with the home game schedule and determined which games he considered to be the most important. Once he marked his calendar, he made the move on the grandparents and childcare was secured was three home games. 
This past Saturday was the first of the Important And Baby Free games and off we went to tailgate in a hurricane. 
this is just after loading the car in our driveway. insert eye roll emoji here.

 With Gray safely squared away in hurricane-free Georgia for a weekend of grandparent induced spoiling, I had the very best day of just being responsible for me. I never appreciated that feeling until I gave birth, but good night, it’s one hell of a high. Not worrying about the constant safety, needs and wants of another human left me feeling light as a feather and free as a bird. We showed up for an 8:22 pm kickoff at 10 am, got our tents and tarps ready to roll and then spent the day doing whatever we wanted. 
 We could do anything. The world was our oyster. 
Stand in the rain? Sure! Set up a propane tank for a low country boil right in the middle of all of the things? Yep. Stay up until 1am? You betcha. We did it all baby, just living the high life.
And you wanna know what the best part of the entire day was?
I decided that, after roughly 6 hours of tailgating, I was a teensy bit tired and could use a nap.
And that is just what I did.
I indulged in a two hour, totally undisturbed, completely care free nap in the car (in a field, next to a stadium, surrounded by one thousand people) and it was glorious. 
What can I say? I’m one of those moms who reaches for the stars and lives big, baby. 
Try not to be jealous.

On a personal note, we are very damp but damage free here in the Upstate – however, many of my best blogger friends are in the Charleston area and many families we love are in the Columbia area. We are thinking of all of you and hoping you stay safe and dry – xo.