Ok, let’s talk Black Friday.
I tend to shop for myself at a fairly low price point – Old Navy and Target, are my jam. Truth be told, even my Nordstrom purchases are in the entry level price point (my Tom’s booties are less than $100) and all of my make up junkie friends are usually shocked at how long I go before replacing or replenishing my make up bag.
So, for me, Black Friday/Cyber Monday is where it’s at to stock up on things that I’ve had on my need list for, oh, the entire year.
Side Note: we all know that I have crazy anxiety but I don’t know that I’ve ever told you a story about me panicking in a crowd, dropping everything in my arms and running out of a frenzied Black Friday building. Obviously, I’m more of a Cyber Monday girl myself, but rock out if you can hang in a crowded Best Buy at 2am. 
Anyway, my list this year runs the gamut from boots to furry vests to eye cream and back again (so, you know, the essentials in life). 
And, just in case you rolled your eyes at the “need” implications of this list, take a peek at the bottom of my go-to boots. I tried patching them with duct tape but a decade of wear seems to have won out, two soles and 10 years later and I think it might be time for a new look. 
Behold, the boots I am currently wearing:
Time for an upgrade, no?
And while I’m ensuring my shoes don’t have holes, I’m also going to bite the bullet and go for a wide calf option. I want to be one of those girls who has a gap between her leg and the top of the boot and maybe a wide calf will give me that. Maybe.

Bonus: all are under $175

Ebates is offering 6% back on all sales from Nordstrom

The Naturalizer “Jennings” are on sale for $112 from $198 (no code) 
The Lucky Brand “Helloise” boots are on sale for $104.92 from $208.95 (no code)
The Louise et Cie “Zada” Knee boots are on sale for $134.92 from $268.95 (no code)

 Also on my list, a shearling vest that isn’t pricey (because I don’t know if the look will be in next season), re-stocking my make-up bag and grabbing pricey Anthro blouses on major sale. You can click on any of the products in that cute little sliding image thing for a direct link or read on for more of my insane pre-Thanksgiving chatter.

I’m into the shearling vest look, but haven’t made the move to buy one just yet. I’m not convinced they’ll be back next season and don’t want to invest more than a few dollars.The most expensive on my list only made the cut because it’s reversible – otherwise, it would be a no-go price wise. I’m thinking this version may be the winner with it’s $68 price point and sweater texture back but the fuzzy shearling is a concern. Believe it or not, the cheapest option at $62 may be the one that arrives on my doorstep! I’ll keep you posted!

I already blabbed about my visit to Anthro and my love for many of their current tops – but I was good and held off on buying all. of. the. blouses. until they hopefully go on sale. My faves are already in my cart, hoping for a major price reduction.

And last but not least, I try to snag my my higher end products on sale either on Black Friday or during post-holiday clearance time. I am a fan of mixing drug store buys into my routine but some products are worth the higher price tag. Top of that list? My Kat Von D foundation. This shiz stays FORever and I love the full coverage -if you’re covering acne or acne scaring, you should give this stuff a try.

In the last two days, I’ve had two people recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit to me – one a beauty pro and one a complete and total novice (like, I convinced her to try tinted Baby Lips for the first time a year ago) and they are both obsessed. I’m in.

I’ll keep you guys posted on all of my scores and deals! Anyone hitting any major sales that I should know about and can access from the comfort of my parent’s living room?