Holy crap on a cracker, I haven’t blogged in forever.
Sorry guys, I totally dropped the ball. We went to my parents in Virgina for an entire week and I just settled into all things Thanksgiving (so, eating) and the next thing I knew, it was back to reality in much tighter pants. 
Anyway, I missed you and we have tons to discuss. Before we get down to business, I need to abuse my position as your local neighborhood blogger and photo dump a ton of annoying family and baby photos on you. I mean, if I don’t blog Thanksgiving, did it really happen?
(the answer is no).
We started the weekend before Thanksgiving with a little tailgate party, babe in tow
(the baby tailgate set up is legit, if I do say so myself) 
G actually made it into the stadium this time (in headphones and strapped to my back like a 25lb bowling ball) but we ended up getting some rain (despite a totally rain free forecast) and decided that we aren’t those parents who stand in a stadium with their baby in the rain. 
Yeah, yeah, we’re awesome. 
After our big game day Saturday, we packed for our big trip to Virginia and snuck in a quick photo session for our holiday cards. I will obviously post way too many of those in a separate post, but here’s a little sneak peek: 
Christa shot the photos and I loooove the shots she managed to grab of Justin and Gray, so stay tuned for those (I know you’re on the edge of your seats!).
After both guys told Christa they had suffered more than enough time in front on the lens, we packed up and headed to the airport. 
Gray is at an interesting age for flying….
and by interesting, I mean miserable. I will honestly be relieved when he turns two and is required to have his own seat. It will of course cost more, but we will all benefit from the added wiggle room. 
 (on this week’s to do list: handle that mullet situation)
We spent the week doing all things “Home” and played in Colonial Williamsburg
spent time with family
went fishing 
pre-gamed for the Clemson game with food
(and drinks)
worked Black Friday 
and went on movie dates

Now that we’re home, we’re under a mountain of laundry but ready to get back into the swing of things. We have lots of holiday decorating to do and I can’t wait to get this house all decked out for the first time. 
 (gratuitous photo from the holiday shoot)
Now down to business.
This week I have a cocktail recipe that it so easy but so pretty, another round up of Mom Uniforms with lots of new players and, by request, my go to purchases from Trader Joe’s. If that doesn’t float your boat, I’m bringing back Asked and Answered! 
oh, and get this!
I’m officially booked on a flight for the Willow Crowns pop up shop at West Elm Houston on December 19! If you’re a Houstonian, you have to drop by! 
I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving full of love and laughter!