Ready for some earth shattering news?

 I’ve decided that I’m bringing back my Can’t Live Without It series! I loved putting it together every Friday and the quick posts are perfect to kick off the weekend. I don’t know why I stopped doing them really, so enough of that, it’s back! 

Today’s Can’t Live Without It is my favorite toddler hack of the moment.
 Does anyone else snag these little activity packs in the Target Dollar aisle? 
I pretty much always have to drag the babe with me when I run in to grab dog food/dry shampoo/sports bras so I swing through the dollar aisle and grab G one of the packs to hang on to. He is (at this point) content to just hold the pack while we’re in the store and yell “COLOR” to our fellow shoppers. When we get home, he carries it inside and I open it up, immediately hide the stickers and hand over the coloring book and a crayon or two. I can unload my purchases and he hangs out coloring a Minion face. 
I usually grab an extra pack or two and stash one in my car and one in my bag for waiting around emergencies that require a new activity. Oil changes, long waits at the pediatrician and a poor unsuspecting waitress that can’t quite make that kid’s grilled cheese appear “as soon as possible” all warrant a surprise activity pack. Mom win.
Have a fabulous weekend my friends!