I never do weekend recaps anymore (because, honestly, our life is not what I would call riveting) but this week has so many happenings that I thought a little round up of things was in order. 
 Honestly, this was the sweetest little weekend. The weather was so fantastic that everyone was in a nice mood – even the toddler! We hit the park downtown on Friday evening and ran out our wild ways. For dinner, we hit a Mexican place for margs and guacamole and made our way back to our beds by 8pm. Friday night done right, if you ask me.
Saturday was spent getting our house in order because my parents are coming to town for their monthly date with my offspring. And while they’re here, this mama is heading to NAPA for a long weekend! I’m almost positive that Napa is my homeland and the fact that it’s taken me thirty one long years to make my way to the land of grapes is almost shameful. I am lucky enough to be going on this adventure with three of the best bloggers (and friends) I know, Cait, Laura and Natasha. It’s honestly a quick trip for a cross country jaunt, but I am so grateful that I’m able to spend some time surrounded by other moms/bloggers/women that I love. Girl time is good for the soul. 
Sunday started off with our weekend ritual of donuts and coffee followed by a nap for the babe, golf for the husband and a little work for me. The Willow Crowns Spring Collection is launching on Tuesday morning and I am whipping things up behind the scenes. This collection is so soft and sweet, full of watercolor prints and leather in brand new shades. I obviously worked up an appetite, so Ashley took the babe and I to a brunch of cocktails, french fries and endless episodes of Peppa Pig. 
And now for a little business:
Colleen and I are blown away by the support everyone has shown for Taboo Mom Talk! We originally intended that the series only last for one month but because we love it so much, we decided to make it a monthly thing! We are now going to go live (yes, still on Blab) on the second Tuesday of every month. We hope you will continue to join us live at 8pn EST or catch the replay on our YouTube channel. We’d also love to know what you want us to talk about – no topic is off limits (as was made clear last week) and we are open to all of your suggestions. 
Also, I just can’t help but share that Apartment Therapy is featuring our kitchen renovation on their site today! That damn kitchen was such a labor of love that I can’t help but be excited when it gets a little love of it’s own. 
I hope everyone had a great weekend! xo