Toddler sneakers and pajamas, because that’s how we do.

The Best Toddler Shoes for Boys

Toddler shoes

Truth: once the baby began walking, I really had no idea what type of shoe to put him in. I’m not sure if I missed some sort of “Welcome To Toddlerhood” memo, but it became clear as soon as he was running full speed across the play ground that the mocs were no longer going to cut it.
And now I would like to take a minute to pour one out for the baby mocs. I love teeny little leather baby moccasins. We’ve owned multiple pairs, all from small shops, and most in a certain shade of orange. We also have a black pair for formal events (I kid, but he did in fact wear them with his baby tuxedo at my brother’s wedding) and I came to think of the orange moc as his signature look. Sadly, my little tornado is a bit too rough when on the move to rock the mocs but I will keep the two orange sets in my mom box of (weird) memories. 
Anyway, it took a bit of time and research calling other moms to figure out what type of shoes my new walker needed to have in his arsenal and I think we finally have it under control. All 4 of these shoes are pairs that we own, use and standby (which basically means they don’t make the baby scream when I jam them on his feet on the way out of the door). 
Native Jefferson Slip On
The Natives were the first pair of “real” shoes that I ordered after the baby took his first steps. Meg sand the praises of Natives when her daughter was a toddler and I knew they would be easy to get on, function well in the heat (no socks needed), could handle getting wet/puddle jumping and would be appropriate for school. They are Amazon Prime eligible and seem to be indestructible.
Sperry Billfish Boat Shoe
Sperrys are our “fancy” shoes and our shoes that match Daddy. Don’t let the laces fool you, they are faux and the shoe actually has a Velcro opening under the lace up panel. I can’t imagine lacing up a toddler not once, but twice, so the fact that these puppies had hidden Velcro made them a yes for me.
Saucony Sneaker
At first, I wasn’t so sold on the navy sneaker look (boy mom probs) but we had this pair fitted at Striderite and they are so easy to slide on and off. They seem to really support his feet when he runs (he doesn’t seem as wobbly) and he loves to wear his “blue shoes”. 
Hunter Boots
I love the look of the Hunter Davidson boot for little boys! The big buckles boy things up a bit and I have visions of G being able to put his boots on by himself in the very near future (keep dreaming, mom). And just a little FYI, I purchased the red pair through a crazy sale at – they are half off and with that kind of savings, I purchased a green pair for next year, too!

Ok boy moms, spill, am I missing any??