Ok, let’s keep it real – I never post about sales. It’s not really my gig, but I have been suggesting tons of Mom Body approved apparel at Anthropologie lately and I know that the price point can be a bit steep for some budgets. I have really good luck there, especially with denim (and good jeans deserve a victory dance and celebratory blog post) so it’s certainly become my go to resource, even though I cringe at some of the prices myself. 
But today we get a break. 
Anthro Member Weekend just began and there is a ton of denim (and AG denim!) currently on sale. A few of my fave tops and sweaters (that have been well documented on my Instagram) are also on sale, plus an additional 20% off for Members (anyone can become a member, so no sweat). 
I’ve linked my faves below – feel free to ask about fit and durability! 
Happy weekend friends!