First and foremost, I want to say thank you to everyone who reached out on Instagram and email to support us after our loss of our pup, Macie, last week. I didn’t intend to take the week off from blogging but things just got a little heavy around here and I needed some time to get it all back together. We were certainly lucky that we had an Easter Weekend planned full of family and friends to look forward too and we took the time to celebrate and enjoy, which was needed. 
We started Friday off with a visit from my mom, Gray’s Mamie, and I got a minute to run Easter Bunny errands while Gray got solo time to be spoiled rotten with endless wagon rides around the yard.
On Saturday, we hit the road for Atlanta – home to Justin’s parents and a house full of aunts, uncles and boy cousins to play with. While we were in town, Justin and I popped out to celebrate my youngest bridesmaid who is about to walk down the aisle herself. 
I loved the theme of the couples shower, which celebrated their honeymoon destination of Mexico with mini maracas, a pinata full of lotto scratchers and tons of guac. 
My mom also attended the shower, and gave the bride a very special gift. The tradition of a Money Bag (or Card Bag) is one that I wasn’t familiar with until recently but my mom found it and has now created a special tradition. She had my mother in law turn her wedding dress into money bags for very important brides in her life (and a christening gown for my children). Each bag has the brides new monogram and is meant to hold the cards given to the couple at their reception. My mother in law is insanely talented and took apart each piece of lace and every teeny pearl  of my mother’s dress to make gorgeous pieces for each of the girls. 
On Sunday we let the cousins run wild with their Easter treats and of course forced our son into all kinds of seersucker, smocked, monogrammed goodness. 

He looked so cute but this is the only peek you get so his little monogram and face are kept off the internets. Just take my totally unbiased and reasonable word for it. We shot back up the highway Sunday afternoon in time for a home made lasagna dinner with Ashley and Andrew before crashing and burning (as we are currently doing).
This week I have a ton of posts lined up, including and insanely cute small shop/girl boss share. Because I wasn’t around last week, I have to share that I was (somehow, seriously, I still don’t believe it) published for the third time on Scary Mommy last week and I published my first post as a Moms Without Answers Contributor. Both articles are a ridiculous take on parenting and if you’re in the toddler trenches, you’ll want to read, if only to know you aren’t alone in the wildness that is toddler feeding and searching out mom alone time. 
Speaking of toddler trenches, this week is the baby’s Spring Break. 
Uh huh.
Pray for me.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!