It’s been forever since I’ve put together a recap of one of our weekends so let’s get on that, shall we? We needed a weekend at home to recover from our trip to California (I finally unpacked today, I consider that to be a huge accomplishment) and to soak up some time with the babe. We made zero plans, with the exception of a night out on Thursday night to celebrate the release of The Scout Guide Greenville Volume 2, and mostly ate our way through the weekend (which is my favorite way to get through a weekend!). 
Thursday was an adult’s only night to Hall’s Chophouse to finally get our hands on the newest issue of The Scout Guide. I’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s debut because I happen to be in it! My amazingly talented friend, Paula, just completed her run as Editor in Chief of the magazine and she was kind enough to feature a handful of Greenville Bloggers in this edition. I am honored to share my first, only and most likely last centerfold with Megan of For All Things Lovely, Paula of Paula Rallis, Jenny of Boho Style File and Caroline of Stay the Bomb

| dress | booties |

 My dress for the event was a stunner from Anthropologie that I don’t think I normally would have pulled from the rack but I’m so glad the girls forced me into it! If you have an event where the attire is mostly described as “look really fabulous” this is the dress. The top is beaded and with a heel and the right accessories, the dress can really make a statement. I’m wearing a 10 and felt like it was oh so flattering! 

We had so much fun catching up with good friends, especially Jonathan Caleb Cake who made the party favors. My husband was, as always, the best party date, and we barely made it in the driveway to let the babysitter go when promised. 
On Saturday we ventured downtown and played all over the One Plaza, had lunch at Caviar and Bananas (best custom salads ever) and snuck in an epic nap. 

Sunday was for biscuits and we made our way to Biscuit Head well before the rest of the world was awake to avoid the lines. Justin went with the Mimosa Fried Chicken Biscuit again and I kept things traditional with a bacon, egg and cheddar. The jam and butter bar might just be one of my fave things on Earth and I can’t help but snag 62 little containers of all of the jellies. Sorry not sorry. 
The rest of Sunday was spent cleaning, reading books, dragging the hose across the yard to fill the water table, eating mini muffins, watching what was left of the Olympics and devouring Mexican. 
It was a slow weekend and it was good for our little family. Justin’s work schedule is going to get heavy for the next little bit and we’ll miss him on weekends like this, so I’m grateful for the time we had together over the last few days.
And, p.s. my biscuit recipe might just be better than local fave Biscuit Head so I’m bringing it to the blog this week!