4 Posts Guaranteed to Generate Content (and page views!)
Let’s face it, sometimes coming up with fresh blog content day after day seems like an impossible task. I’ll be the first to admit that there have been plenty of nights spent staring at my blank screen hoping the words would come (and when they did come, that they be clever). In my experience there is no worse feeling than shutting that laptop in defeat, post unwritten, and your blog neglected. 
Now that I have a few years of blogging under my belt, I’ve developed 4 fail proof blogging topics/prompts that can dig me out of even the deepest content drought. Each topic is insanely flexible and can provide endless post possibilities that are fresh, inspired and will show off your unique voice. Wanna know what they are?
Oh, I’m so glad that you asked!
4 Posts Guaranteed to Generate Content 
(and page views!)
4 Posts Guaranteed to Generate Content (and page views!)
1. Wish Posts
Have you ever thought “ugh, I so wish I knew that before…”? If you’ve thought it, so have your readers. Whether you pen a Wish Post on what you wish you knew when you started your business, before you went into labor, before you bought a home, the first time you sat down to your own taxes, about your kiddo’s first year of school, about shopping at Costco, the content is endless. Tell us your honest experiences, thoughts and tidbits and you can’t go wrong.
2. List Posts
For me, the hardest part of a post is wrapping it into a story – if I can’t seem to find the words for an intro, I know the post will be slow going in the writing department. This can be especially frustrating when I have an idea that I really love and don’t want to completely abandon. Enter the List Post. You can absolutely tell a story by using the list format and I love doing it. In fact, List Posts are some of the most likely to be published by larger outlets (according to Scary Mommy). Make sure to include a super quick intro or, at the very least, a catchy title, and you’ll be set! 
3. Behind The Scenes
There is one thing I know for sure: it is human nature to love a secret. We are naturally curious and love to get a peek behind the scenes of our neighbor’s home, our favorite business or what appears to be someone’s dream life. If you blog as apart of your business, why not keep track of a major launch day or share behind the scenes photos from a brainstorming session. If you’re brand is motherhood, share Day In The Life post – if you’re a fashion blogger, share with us how you prep for your photo days. As a work from home mom, some of my absolute favorite posts are from mamas who work outside the home – I am in awe of this post by my friend Christina. Bottom line: pull back the curtain and let us in for a while!
4. Can’t Live Without It
This is my absolute favorite post to pull out when I just can’t think of anything interesting to write. In fact, the Can’t Live Without It post was once a weekly occurrence on my blog (no better way to end the week than with a no-fail post!). Simply share something (a product, service, podcast, email list serve, Facebook group, toddler app) that keeps you afloat – there are no rules or limits, just spill the beans so the rest of us can snap up the amazingness for ourselves! 
What are you go to content starters? Share in the comments!