This weekend was one to file under: How To Act Like A Grown Up.

We finally invested in a little landscape work on the exterior of our home and, unbeknownst to us, that meant we would need to re-plan our weekend to accommodate for frequent and detailed attention to our new little trees. 

Luckily, we love our new trees and my husband loves a good Home Depot run so once we got our hoses set on an automated schedule (yep, that’s a thing) we were able to carry on with an edited version of our itinerary. 
On Thursday, I popped over to Vino and Van Gogh (owned by my friend, girl boss and talented artist, Marquin) to learn how to style my shelves from my very talented friend, Amanda of Amanda Louise Interiors. Seriously, shelf styling is an art and I am no artist. After a few hours of dedicated learning, I’ve decided that I’m going to leave this one to the pros and am grateful that I happen to know and love this pro (and have no shame in forcing her into style my shelves for me!). 
I mean, look at her work in action!

If you live in Greenville, be sure to check out Vino and Van Gogh’s
class calendar because they host classes for much more than painting –
Marquin co-hosts a women in business series that brings together some of
the best in town, so take a peek! 
On Friday, Gray and I made our first round of pumpkin chocolate chip bread of the season (despite the 90 degree temps). We use the Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread box mix and add in whatever chocolate chips we have on hand. Sometimes, if we’re feeling wild, we make muffins and sometimes we manage to get an entire egg shell in the batter. So, if you come over and we offer you a slice, eat at your own risk. 

Saturday we hit the road for a quick over night trip to visit Justin’s parents and Gray was spoiled rotten. Fro Yo at 9pm? Sure, that sounds reasonable! 
Seriously, we are so lucky to live such a quick drive away from my in-laws. They are some of the best grandparents around and they love my kid super hard. Plus, my FIL is a morning person so he doesn’t mind answering the toddler wake up call! 
I managed to land on the pages of Scary Mommy again this weekend (for the 5th time, which never ceases to amaze me) with one of my most relatable posts to date. And no, I still haven’t figured out what that smell is. 
On Sunday morning we headed back home to water the plants and rearrange the hoses, but also managed to sneak in a family nap, so I’m going to call it a successful Sunday. I tried to find a cute Game Day outfit for this week’s Clemson v Louisville game but despite all of the awesome deals going on, I struck out. Anyone seen any cute orange dresses on the internet? Send them my way!