First of all, my heart goes out to all of those affected by Hurricane Matthew, especially our dear friends in Florence who are still riding out the effects of the storm.
The weather in the Upstate cleared on Saturday afternoon and we managed to pack a ton into our weekend – mostly because our football game was out of town and on Friday night. Having a Friday night game made us feel like we were sneaking in an entire extra day this weekend and we loved every second of it. 
photo by Jonathan Caleb Cake
I kicked things off on Friday by sneaking out of our little tailgate party to snag a box (or three) of macarons from my fave maker, Jonathan Caleb Cake. He took part in a pop up shop at the insanely fabulous Knack Studios and I managed to leave with only one item (even thought I wanted to clean the place out). How gorgeous is this stunning live edge wood and granite cutting board? I’m adding all of the other cutting boards to my Wish List! 
After a quick glass of vino and snapping a few pics, I hustled home to claim what was left of the wing fest that had taken place at our house. The Clemson game kicked off around 7:30 so we had friends over and let the toddlers run wild until the half. Watching football sure looks different than it used to! 
Saturday started off grey and windy so of course we only ventured out of the house to eat and shop. No complaints about that! Thankfully, the weather cleared and the sun started shining in the late afternoon because we had a couples baby shower on our agenda Saturday evening. A low country boil, sweet little girl things and Shirley Temples in baby bottles made for a fun, easy evening with friends. 

Sunday was full of walks to donuts, lots of watering the plants (a Daddy and Gray signature activity these days), packing up too small summer clothes and cleaning out drawers. Naps, snuggling, coffees, and cheap Chinese take out rounded things out, getting us ready for the week ahead. 
And it will be one hell of a good week. Why? The grandparents are coming! My Mom and Dad will be in town by the end of the week and we are so excited to have them around for a couple of days. I see pumpkin patches and lots of “to do’s” for my poor Dad in our future. Nothing beats grandparents!