Sugarplum Shirley Cocktail
It’s been forever since I’ve whipped up a cocktail recipe but this one has been in the works for a bit- thanks to a collaboration with my Instagram Husband, Jonathan of Jonathan Caleb Cake – and it’s perfect for the holidays! Nothing beats a twist on a classic and who can say no to a grown up Shirley Temple topped with sugared macarons and metallic gold cherries? The drink itself is super easy to make and the accessories do all of the heavy lifting, so feel free to make the cocktail ahead of time in a big batch. And of course, the Sugarplum Shirley is a snap to make in a classic Shirley Temple sans alcohol, perfect for any preggos attending your holiday get together or a sweet holiday party for a gaggle of girls. 
 Many, many thanks to Jonathan for spending the day playing in my kitchen, the gorgeous sugared macs and for teaching me to gild cherries! 
Sugarplum Shirley Cocktail

Sugarplum Shirley Cocktail Recipe

(pour in this order to create color separation in the glass!)

1 oz of Cherry flavored vodka, chilled
5 oz Sprite, chilled
A healthy splash of Grenadine

For the cocktail accouterments:

Gilded Cherries

(can be made ahead of time and stored in air tight container in the refrigerator)

Pat dry Maraschino Cherries (one per glass)
Brush lightly with clean paint brush or Q tip dipped in Metallic Food Paint (available at craft/hobby stores or on Amazon)
Set aside on a paper towel

Sugarplum Shirley Cocktail

Sugared Macarons
Brush one side of each macaron with simple sugar
While wet, dip into a bowl of granulated sugar, gently twisting the macaron to ensure the entire side is covered.

To Serve
Layer 1 sugared macaron and 1 gilded cherry on a gold cocktail stirrer, pop into poured cocktail and serve!

Sugarplum Shirley Cocktail