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 Today I had a moment.
 I was rifling through the high waisted maternity jeans at Old Navy and turned around to see rows upon rows of baby girl clothes. Shades of pink, spring florals and all things girly just spilled out in front of me and I couldn’t resist them. While we have been prepping for baby girl’s arrival, I haven’t been shopping much/at all – I’m not even sure it had dawned on me that I was actually having a daughter – and then today the floodgates opened (and so did my wallet). 
Anyway, while I haven’t been stocking up our babe on onesies, I have been working hard on preparing Gray for her arrival. At two and a half years old, I know I can’t truly prepare him for whats to come but we’ve been taking every chance we can to talk to him about babies. Luckily, we have dear friends that just had a baby girl and they are kind enough to let Gray hang out with her for a little practice. So far, we’re working on not crushing the baby when we hug her, not licking our fingers and then touching her face and how its ok to tickle her feet but not her eyes. You know, the basics. We also talk about what we can do when she cries, and right now Gray likes to say, “it’s alright, Baby! Don’t cry!” hopefully, that won’t change to “get her out of here!” when our baby cries and doesn’t go home to another house. 
We also stop by the nursery room on our way in and out of Gray’s Mother Morning Out class each day. He likes to point to the babies and tell me what we’re doing and then we talk about how our baby will go to school there, too. If he can’t see the babies from the door, he asks me to hold him up until he spots one. We kind of look like we’re visiting the zoo, so sorry to any of the baby mamas who spot us gawking at your teeny babes! 
My newest trick to talk about the baby is to swing through the baby clothes section when we’re errand running at Target. This little tradition actually happened by accident but I am keeping it going, without a doubt. I was checking out the clearance rack of infant sleepers and Gray was chilling in the cart, playing with whatever bribery item I found for him in the Dollar Spot. All of the sudden he started saying “this one, mama! this one!”. I came around the rack to see what he was hollering about and saw that he was pulling a blue and black striped sleeper from the rack. He kept saying “look!” and I turned it around to see that the sleeper had orange tigers on the front and the feet. It is the least feminine thing on Earth but he was desperate for her to have it – and his dad could not have been more proud that he chose a tiger for his sister! On our last visit, he chose an outfit that came complete with “undiepants” (bloomers) for his sister. It may be size 12 months but we brought it home and he proudly put it away with her things. I think I will honestly treasure those two little baby outfits for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to squish her into them! 
Ok, seasoned mamas, tell me what I need to do to prep my toddler for the big transition – what books should we read? Any tips? Help a girl out!