So, here’s the deal: I do not like to spend a ton of money on beauty products. I’m not sure why, because I really lust after so many of my beauty blogger friend’s collections, but when it comes down to it, I just can’t shell out the big bucks…and that is why you will always find me in the impulse section of any beauty department. I can always justify trying out a travel size or mini of an expensive product so that I know investing in the regular size will be worth it. Truthfully, I’ve had many wins and losses this way but recently, it’s been all wins! As a side note, my skin has been really struggling during this pregnancy so it’s been a great time to try out products that might not work on my non-hormonally charged skin once this kiddo is out. 

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Here’s a round up of my most recent mini, sample and impulse purchases (all of which are empty!) and my thoughts on if I’ll buy the big girl size in the future.
IT Cosmetics CC Cream
Travel Size $15/Full Size $38

This was my first experience with IT Cosmetics and I can definitely say that I’m a fan. I was excited to find a travel size tube of the CC Cream in my Sephora (although they currently do not carry any other products by IT Cosmetics, oddly) and felt like $15 was worth a go. Currently, my skin is really struggling with pregnancy induced breakouts that are very red and I used the CC Cream both alone and as a base layer under foundation (for photos, date nights etc). I would classify the coverage as medium but it is very buildable – a thin layer will be perfect for summer but it can get me through rough patches as well. Right now, I really don’t want to spend a ton of time on my make up so I loved being able to wear a thin layer of the CC Cream, add a bit of concealer under my eyes and on my worst spots and run out the door. I will for sure be buying this in the full size, it will be so great when baby comes.

Drybar Mini Must Haves: Dry Shampoo, Triple Sec and Dry Conditioner
Travel Size for a set of three $29/Full Sized products $72

I will be the first to admit that I love cheap dry shampoo – I’ve tried them all: Suave (love), Dove (hate), Not Your Mothers (hate the scented Vanilla, love the unscented) and rarely stray from a drug store brand. But things are about to change. I snagged the Mini Must Have Set from Drybar and fell in love with the Dry Shampoo. I was going to say that the one downside is it is very powdery and thus hard to blend on dark brunettes but I just saw that they make a Dry Shampoo for brunettes and I am all in. I’m justifying the major price increase because I now know how little Drybar product I need versus how much drug store dry shampoo it takes to do the same job. My mini can lasted me much longer than I anticipated and I am not stingy when it comes to powder in a can. As a bonus, I can say that I surprisingly also loved the Dry Conditioner – but I would not invest in the full sized version – I just don’t use enough of it to keep anything but the travel size on hand. I spray my ends on day 2 (or three) to keep them soft and the smell is AH-mazing. And, also, I hate the Triple Sec. It leaves my hair feeling wet and crunchy – kind of like old school gel – and I am so not into it.

Make Up Forever HD Powder
Travel Size $20/Full Size $36

I know this product has a cult following but I am just not on board for the full sized price of $36. I’m honestly not sure that I’m on board for the travel size price of $20 but I will say that I use it sparingly (certainly not for days that I’m running to Target, unshowered and in sweats) so it has lasted me quite a while. I think when this little guy is officially empty that I’ll give another brand a try, just to see what’s out there.

Tula Hydrating Day and Night Cream

I was sent Tula products as a PR sample and have had them on hand for a while, but really started using the Day and Night Cream during this pregnancy. I’ve mentioned my skin is breaking out but it’s also dry in patches so I’m using this in place of my normal moisturizer. Honestly, I think $52 is a lot for a moisturizer but it really does the job. Before trying it out long term, I may have vetoed this on price alone but honestly, it doesn’t irritate my skin, doesn’t cause further breakouts and hydrates without making me greasy. I think I may have to invest when my current stash is out. 

Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask

Without a doubt, my skin can’t handle a full Exfoliating mask right now BUT I do love this mask as a spot treatment for my worst blemishes (my husband has been known to steal it on occasion as well!). Because I only use it sparingly, I would absolutely only purchase the travel size if I purchased again, and I’m not sure that I would. I think you can find a mask that does the same for less and this product just doesn’t knock my socks off.

Kat Von D Lock It Concealer

I snagged this concealer in the impulse section of Sephora but it is a full size product. I love Kat Von D Lock It foundation so I thought this concealer would be a slam dunk for me but I really feel blah about it. I think it’s a basic concealer and you can get the same coverage and staying power in a drug store product. Sadly, I don’t think it works any particular magic so I won’t be repurchasing.

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